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Hello, and welcome! I'm Latanya Muhammad, founder of CITYS, LLC., a digital content company focused on copy writing, editing, and content creation.  

I've always believed in the power of a strong story; it's ability to connect, redefine previous thoughts, and to encourage reflection.

Lead by these beliefs, I help people craft words for their visions, both personally and professionally. Be it assistance with creating content for a business blog or editing a personal essay, my goal is to help people create content that is clear and concise. 


Our Why

I believe we all have those moments when we take a deep breath and figure out exactly what we are meant to do. For me, it was figuring out that my lifelong interest-writing and storytelling-was my "why." I decided to take what I am passionate about and start CITYS, LLC.  A digital content company whose primary goal is to create content that connects. And to share my skills in writing, editing, and storytelling to help other people tell not only their personal stories, but their brand stories as well.     


 CITYS, LLC can help you develop, create, and edit content to better engage your audience.

Copy writing

Utilizing direct and indirect marketing, CITYS, LLC creates content to help engage and connect with your audience.


If two heads are better than one, can you imagine what another set of eyes will do for creating clean, crisp content for your audience?

Content writing

We'll dive deeper into who you are and your 'why.' Your mission, vision, purpose, and why you are the best choice for your audience. 

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