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Amber Spicer

Motherhood is like someone double dog daring you to walk on hot coals, and foolishly enough you accept. It’s at that moment you realize what you’ve just gotten yourself into and because you’ve braved many storms before, you internally tell yourself “I got this”, or “What’s the worst that could happen”. It’s pondering your own existence, while staring at starting line unsure of the end results. Yeah, you may get across unscathed, not a scratch in sight, or you may fall flat on your face and get burned to a pulp, but either way it’s the experience that is the memory.

It’s the underline fear of the “what if”, that keeps your head clear and focused, because failure is not an option. And coming out on the other side it just the testament to the person you’ve become and are continuing to grow into. And yeah, those coals are hot as the dickens, but from that moment on you’ll embrace being seen as a bit more braver, stronger, wiser, crazier, and capable of crushing any future dares life may throw at you. Because that’s what moms do!

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