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Barbara Miller

Motherhood is….the longest days and the shortest years in which you tell yourself, “this too shall pass.” The sleepless nights, the temper tantrums, the potty training resistance. The biting stage, the hitting stage, the kissing stage. “This. Too. Shall. Pass."

However, the sweet moments pass too….the snuggles, the kisses just because, the kind way they speak to their little siblings, the desire to spend non-stop time with you as a parent.

And the teen years, with God’s good grace, also have moments in which “this too shall pass” gets you through the rough patches…the missed curfews, the “being at the wrong place at the wrong time,” the not making the coveted team.

And the college years….the homesickness and the never wanting to come home. The “I’ll never get married”….this too shall pass.

Motherhood is looking at these amazing adult children, who WANT to be around us, and counting our many, many blessings. The times when they call to ask a cooking question, or a “what do you think about this, Mom” or “I am going to ask her to marry me.”

Motherhood, is a job in which “this too shall pass” can help you manage the pain and make you savor the amazing moments. It is the greatest, and hardest gift I have ever been given.

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