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Francesca Guy

Motherhood is...

Motherhood is the most rewarding accomplishment I have ever had. Being a great mom is my motivation. When I became a mom I visualized what type of mother I wanted to be and I visualized what type of person I wanted my son to be. I also identif[ied] what values I wanted him to follow. I knew earl[y] on that I wanted to set a solid foundation. I also learned early on that there was not a child manual. I could not and should not compare my experience[s] to others.

I tapped into emotions I didn't even know I had.

Something came over me and I became less selfish and more selfless. Life became more simple. I started having more gratitude for the little things in life. Big issues were not so big anymore.

Motherhood to me means becoming more sensitive, being [a] better listener, paying attention to detail, learning to be flexible, and having unconditional love.

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