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Lynera Tanai

Updated: May 28, 2021


I fell in love with painting after the first time of picking up a paint brush and stroking the canvas, as it was a sense of release for me. It was therapy that came at the perfect time. Both the experience and feeling made me crave more of it. My love deepened for the art form when I found that it was an alternative outlet for stagnant expression and feelings that I was bale to release on canvas. It brought me a sense of peace, comfort and escapism outside of my physical world. I became even more appreciative of my talent when I realized that the gift had the ability to not only heal me, but also others.

I feel a sense of awe when i complete a work of art because there is almost always a spiritual element attached to what I create - I feel disciplined and empowered - enlightened by and connected to Source and I always feel a sense of accomplishment and pride because there is a piece of me that will always live through my work.

When I first realized I had the gift of painting there was always an excitement to display what I had created. There was this feeling of urgency to release new content or pieces because i struggled with thoughts of being forgotten. I was unaware of the spiritual aspect of the work I was doing. Currently during this particular phase of my artistic journey I am a little more protective of displaying the pieces I create because I feel they are more personal to me - they may show my vulnerability and parts of my healing journey that I may not yet be ready to share. Even if the work of art itself does not directly display the emotion, thoughts or feelings I may have had during the time of creation ... I may still be very connected to a piece based on the time frame when it was created. Some work is a reminiscent reflection of a particular time or journey for me. I know that the gift I possess can be used as an aid to serve and heal others, which has allowed me to overcome some of these challenges by releasing negative thought patterns that are not effective in helping me evolve as an artist or that may keep me from fulfilling my purpose in serving and helping others.

Erase self doubt. Erase the fear of rejection from the past and anxiety about the future. The only perfect moment is now because it is the only moment that actually exists! Do it for you - not for others. It is a bonus blessing that people may feel connected to or want to buy your art, but what is the worst that could happen? maybe there will be some who can't relate or maybe there won't be monetary gain right away - but on the lip side, you would still acquire invaluable portions of joy, peace, freedom, beautiful opportunities, connections and healing. As an artist, know that you are a vessel, used so that others may see the world through your form of expression and perspective. Don't hide behind fear... Release your messages with power and pride. There are always 2 sides to "what if?" - "What if I fall? Oh, but darling what if you fly?" -author unknown

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