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Norman Jackson

Fatherhood is...

What father[hood] means to me is so hard to put into words because it's so much more to being a father. It’s a job I get [to do] without experience and instantly becoming qualified while doing it. As soon as it happens it changes you as a person, forever.

It instantly makes you go into a onslaught of modes.

First it’s protection mode, where you are willing to do anything in this world to protect this person, and know this child can be a little more strengthened by [you] just being there.

Then you turn into a teacher, instilling all your life lessons onto a person who you want to move differently [in the world] than you did. Also knowing you instantly impact your child’s future to be a better and greater person in a world that doesn’t [always] allow you to [do the same]. In my case I have daughters, guiding them to be great ladies [and also] show them how a man is supposed to treat a woman.

Finally, you turn into a provider. Where at first you were only worried about yourself, now you have a [person] to feed, clothe, and make sure this life isn’t looking crazy out in these streets. Being a father is so much more, and is the best thing I could ever ask for. [I] wouldn’t change it for the world. Love [and] live life.

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