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Wenston Black

Updated: May 28, 2021

Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Spokenword Artist

I fell in love with Acting and Spokenword the moment I performed in front of a crowd and saw [their] reaction..It was a way of breaking away from who I was and becoming something more than what people knew of me. I was able to showcase all of me without fear of judgement. It was the freedom to create and translate messages.

The feeling of completing a job is a balance of joy and depression. Joy, because all the hard work you put into it has now given you a project for the world to see, but then the depression becomes a factor when trying to create a project that is better and shows your growth from your previous creation.

When I performed at the Apollo I was nervous before touching the stage. I hadn’t performed in a while and had been contemplating leaving Acting and Spokenword alone. I always wanted to perform at the Apollo [so] I auditioned. I stayed up all night rehearsing. From the words of my professors, “You must harness and control the fear, and use that energy to translate on the stage.” To harness fear, I pray for strength and God’s divine wisdom and take one deep breath. Once I hit the stage muscle memory from all the practicing and rehearsing takes over. Once I touch the stage, set, or microphone all of the fears and doubts subside.

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