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Courtney Brockington

Registered Nurse

Thoughts on Covid-19

My initial thoughts of COVID were "this can't be real." I was terrified. It felt like we were in a movie. A virus taking over the world? This can't be. I was hoping this would only last for a month or so. My thoughts of COVID now have not changed so much. I'm still in shock, but now I'm just wondering when and if it's ever going to end.

As a healthcare worker my biggest fear is taking something home to my family so I am constantly taking extra precautions such as washing my hands, wearing my mask, avoiding large crowds, cleaning and wiping down surfaces.

As a healthcare professional we would love for the public to help us by wearing their masks. It's very important for us to wash our hands and avoid large gatherings. We're all tired.

We see first hand what this virus does to people. Everyone who does not think this virus is real, please come and work just one hour with us.

Every day we are risking our lives to save one of your loved ones. A simple thank you can go a long way.

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