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Nina Arulefela

Certified Nurse-Midwife

Thoughts on Covid-19

Initially I felt it was a health issue in China only with no chance of spread in the US. On March 20, 2020, virtual learning for my son's school commenced and for me working remote as a healthcare provider. This is when the uncertainty and fear of COVID truly hit. It seemed like overnight, people started dying of an illness similar [to], but more fatal than, the flu. I also thought of the Spanish flu of 1918 very similar to COVID-19 in that many people succumbed to both of these deadly viruses.

In a nutshell, COVID brought me to my knees in deeper prayer for the family of the deceased, health care providers on the frontline, my own family members 90% of them also heath care providers.

The ongoing message to the public is to take precautions. It seems there's an added layer of precautions healthcare professionals must take. What precautions do you find yourself taking so that you're not only managing the health of your patients but the safety of you and your family? As a midwife I encourage the use of natural remedies for optimal health and immune system boost. Hot steam inhalation removes viruses and pathogens from nasal passages. Beginning each day with hot water and lemon tea boosts the immune system, Nigerian root drink at bedtime to kill toxins/viral bugs in the body. Eating right, exercising daily, consume 8-10 glasses of water daily. Juicing for my family also boost the immune system as well. Adherence to social distancing and mask wearing. I can recall my son being the only one wearing a mask at practice and complaining he could not breathe with the mask. My response was," Luke you can't breathe if you get COVID." Finally, vaccination: received my first dose two weeks ago and my second dose will be February 10, 21.

Without a doubt healthcare professional are in need of support; mentally, physically, and emotionally. What more could be done to support healthcare professionals at this time? More teleworking days to minimize exposure and to support our children at home as they go through the ups and downs of virtual learning.

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