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Daivon Young

Young Connexions

What inspired me to start my business was working around the transportation business for years and my wife. My current job gave that last push to go forward and start my own business. I have always been the type of person to always give 110% effort. Always work efficiently and effectively. Be the best employee you can be and you can work your way to the top. Until it clicked for me that no matter how hard I have worked there wasn't a reward worth the amount of effort being given. So my mentality was to get behind the wheel of a truck to reach my financial goals and live the lifestyle I want.

I wasn't a big fan of the idea but the pay off would be what I wanted. My wife came to me with the

idea of researching the other side of the transportation business. That way I didn't have to drive and still get the type of reward I have spent years chasing. I work hard, very hard, so why not put that hard work, the focus, and dedication into me? Something I am trying to build, something that will go as I go. And now we have Young Connexions, a logistics company. With more ventures coming. The hope for my clients/customers [is that they] will gain a successful business as from my products/services. My business will go as their business will go. This included new business set up to my dispatch services. The better job I do the better their businesses will do. It's result driven and you can see it almost immediately. In this industry you can be highly successful or end up bankrupt if things are done improperly. If you have brought a semi-truck or box truck and wonder what's next, then you should reach out to me. It's about a good partnership and building relationships in this industry. You can't do anything alone in this industry and Young Connexions is the best company to partner with to reach your goals.

Instagram: @young_connexions

Facebook: Young Connexions

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