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Shennika Miles

Miles Dynamic Cleaning Services

What inspired me to start my business in 2017, I was so tired of being overworked and underpaid, put down, drained by working for these major companies, having to choose between being [present] for my son (while he faces challenges in school and Grief from losing his Father to Gun Violence in Baltimore City). Cleaning has always been my passion since a young age. I have over 14 years experience.

Every job I would apply for was housekeeping and I would receive massive feedback from management, customers, patients, guests...I already knew I had a true passion for cleaning I just had to start utilizing it to the best of my ability. It started out with me and another one of my close relatives. Things didn’t go as planned so we both took on a different path and I stuck with it. I became more dedicated, creative,went to workshops found a mentor (Inspiring Entrepreneur). He helped me throughout the entire process. How to start, where , all the things I needed to begin the process. I set each goal and achieved each one with God's grace and mercy. The support and upbringing of how my Grandma raised me cleaning early every Saturday morning has finally paid off.

I’m hoping that my customers and clients gain the knowledge of learning how to keep our families safe and our homes and environments clean/organized and free of things that can hurt or harm us. It’s very Important to practice self hygiene and it’s just as important to keep the areas around us clean too. Most have a hard time and that’s where me and my assistant come in. Our goal is to help our customers who just don’t have enough time in the day especially now with kids being home learning virtually. We not only provide residential cleaning services but also: carpet cleaning/other floor care services available, upholstery and also same-day laundry cleaning services as well. We’re trying to create a service [where] our customers can receive everything all in one.

There’s many cleaning services in our city and we’re all out here with the same objective...Keeping our familes homes clean, but Miles Dynamic Cleaning Literally DOES IT ALL. It feels great to know we can take great care of our Clients and they don’t have to go elsewhere .....”There’s no Job to big or small-Miles Dynamic Cleaning- WE DO IT ALL”

Instagram: @milesdynamiccleaning_

Facebook: Miles Dynamic Cleaning

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