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Naimah Sharif

NLife, Founder

Community engagement starts in your neighborhood and on your street. It means getting to know your neighbors, joining or starting your neighborhood association, and being a part of the solution to common problems. Not everyone can save the world or even the city, but everyone can take ownership of and responsibility for the upkeep of their own street. If everyone did that, the entire city could improve.

I started NLife to provide free and low cost resources and enrichment programs for the community. NLife is a non-profit that produces and supports community led initiatives that improve the quality of life for Baltimore residents. Since our inception, we have offered free swim classes for families, outdoor movie nights, summer camps, women’s wellness events, community concerts, and life skills workshops. We are also excited to be a part of Baltimore Clean Streets which is a collective of organizations that pay youth to clean neighborhoods every weekend. We currently work with a team of 10 youth that clean Herring Run Park and surrounding streets in the Belair-Edison community every Saturday.

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