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Rasheed Muhammad

Behavioral Health Aide

[In my career] I have multiple clients; with different challenges and who require different levels of support. This may sound funny but one way I engage the community is taking them out of their community. What I mean is, with some of the clients I have, in order to properly and effectively assist them they have to venture outside of their normal setting.

To me, this allows them to broaden their horizon and see that there is more to the world. I also engage with my clients' parents to determine how I can be supportive. Sometimes my parents need to be engaged just as much as the actual client. [That way parents have multiple resources to exhaust and] to ensure they are being supportive [of] their kid(s). Kind of like a reassurance that they are doing what they are supposed to. Because my clients' parents really are engaged in the mental well being of their loved one, it allows me to be really engaged in assisting [them] with their behavioral modifications, and also allows me to be engaged in the community.

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