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Stephanie Maddox

Community Engagement is being a change in people lives. Sharing knowledge and participating in activities within the community to help others become the change we want to see in the world.

For me I am two fold. On my full time job I am a program director with a residential agency (Richmond Residential Services)for adults with intellectual and development disabilities. I advocate and support the individuals out in the community so that they can be a part of the community and not be looked at different because they have a disability. Helping them live a life like yours and mines. We support them with going to work every day, budgeting money, going on dates, cooking dinner etc. We support them with natural resources: church, support groups, communicating with neighbors. We support them in their own apartments and cooking and cleaning. I enjoy support my individuals to be more independent and part of the community.

I am also a mentor for Pretty Purpose Mentoring program where we mentor young girls from the

ages 8-17. Due to COVID, we are meeting weekly via zoom for hour session and we discuss topics such as self-esteem, positive affirmations, bullying, personal hygiene, job fairs, entrepreneurship, place setting, etc. We teach these young ladies how to be a part of the community. We do a community service project ever year: giving to the less fortunate, playing bingo at the nursing home, knitting hats for babies in the NCUI. Before COVID, we meet two times a month for 2 hours in person. We also check in with the girls to ensure they are doing o.k. mentally and physically. We are grooming this young ladies how to be women as they continue to grow up.

I enjoy all my work. I have also worked in the human service field to try to make a difference in this

world. As I build up my event planning business: my goal is to do one event pro-bono each year: maybe for a child who never had a bday party or a couple who really wants to have a wedding but can’t afford it. It all about giving back and being a change in the community you want to see.

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