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Ciarra R. Miles

3C Freelance, LLC My inspiration to start my business is two fold: (1) my grandmother and (2) the observation of my community. As a little girl, my grandmother instilled in me a strong work ethic. She walked every thing she talked. She shared her journey often with me; however, one thing I became intrigued about was all that she had accomplished and acquired with very little education. One piece of advice she left me with was to do everything she did not do. She instructed me to become educated, work for corporations, learn everything they do well and areas in which they can improve and once the blueprint was learned...."Bring It Back to Your Community!"

Along with my grandmother, who opened and operated a liquor store at the time, the observation of my community first hand was another factor. As you can imagine, operating a store front is almost like being a counselor. I got to meet all types of people and really talk with them from teenage moms, to drug addicts, elders, and those that are just hopeless with no inspiration due to their environment and just a plain lack of know how. Lack of seeing different things and people and just not knowing how to change their situation. My belief was everyone wanted to do better and be better; they just lacked the education and empowerment on how to do so.

My number one priority was to become an attorney. However, I realized that I did not need to become an attorney to make an impact. I realized that as a paralegal I could make just as much impact starting with my community. When in need of legal services people have no idea the things that are within their control. The few that do know at least a starting point try to help themselves end up feeling defeated because they start the process but oftentimes are unable to finish. In fairness, the court clerks can inform them of a form to complete, but they cannot tell them or advise them, which is understandable. This is where 3C comes in! With the services I offer, I hope that when my clients leave me even if it's just a consultation, they leave more empowered over their situation and more educated about the process than they came.

Even if a situation is outside of my scope, I do not leave my clients destitute. I still educate them and offer them an attorney within my repository if possible. It is fulfilling to help put things in perspective for folks. Whether it's walking them through a family matter such as custody, helping an elder gain guardianship over their parents or helping that inspired person start their business legally as a documented LLC, my hope is always that they are more knowledgeable about the process, feel empowered and never defeated when faced with a difficulty. We are here to ease those burdens and break barriers.

IG: @3cfreelance

FB: 3C Freelance

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