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Kristen Spencer

Luv-N-Cakes, LLC

It actually happened by chance. I've always loved baking. It used to bake and cook with my grandmother every Sunday after church when I was growing up. It was something I looked forward to every week. My mother started making fun birthday cakes for my little sister and my friends started asking for them. I started to help her. We learned different techniques by trial and error and continued to perfect the craft. We took a "special" cake to a family cookout one summer and the requests literally started coming in from there and here I am 10 + years later.

My mom and I would do a lot of orders together. It's something she likes to do in her spare time, but

in helping her I realized it's something that I truly love to do. Seeing the reactions and excitement from kids to their birthday cakes, expectant moms to their baby shower cakes , brides to their wedding cakes, etc gets me every time. It makes me happy to make others happy, while doing something I truly enjoy. I really do put "luv" into everything I bake. It reminds me of those days baking with my grandmother!

My advice for anyone wanting to start a business, baking or otherwise, a lot of people are doing the same things. Don't let that deter you. No one will do what you do, how you do it. There is room for everyone. Find what you like to do, what really brings you joy....practice it, perfect it, market yourself and don't stop! If you really put the time in and work for it you can absolutely make money doing what you love to do. You're work will speak for itself! GO FOR IT!

FB: Luv-N-Cakes by Kristen

IG: @luv_n_cakes

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